Product Spotlight: The Image Sensor

The Image Sensor is a small, completely wireless device with a built-in still camera which enables you to quickly and easily view activity “snapshots” from your property via smart phone or other device, while also providing traditional motion sensing capabilities required of a security system.

The Image Sensor provides a completely new experience for customers through the integration of motion and image capture with Interactive Services. This elegant solution is 100% wireless and lets the user see what is happening without introducing the complexity, costs, or vulnerabilities associated with a broadband dependency. It is a great substitute or upgrade from just a standard Motion Detector.


The Image Sensor delivers images that show what’s happening at your property, day or night due to its infrared LED flash. You can track both alarm events and non alarm activity, as well as receive real-time email or text alerts of pictures captured. The Image Sensor’s interactive controls are all available through our user-friendly website and mobile apps powered by

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