Here at Clear Protection of Phoenix, our #1 goal is to protect your home and family. We are experts in home security and home automation, specializing in the installation and monitoring of high-tech alarm systems throughout Arizona, where our corporate headquarters is located, and additionally in several cities in California, Texas, Missouri, Kansas, New Mexico and Colorado.

Statistics show that Phoenix is among the 10 cities within America that have the highest crime rate. Phoenix has a higher average crime rate than most of the other cities that make up this list. On average, there are 4 homes invaded every minute within the United States. Another interesting statistic is that homes with a monitored security system are 4 times less likely to be burglarized when compared to homes lacking a monitored home alarm system. Clear Protection of Phoenix offers the best in customer service, and our monitoring service is unparalleled.

Our home and business security systems are designed to provide protection for any space, regardless of size or layout. We have the right security system with the right technology, to ensure that your needs are perfectly met. We understand that every family and every home is different, and our experts can work with you to ensure that your unique needs are met and that your family is always protected. Whether you are looking for remote access to your alarm from a smart phone, or are in need of a way to control your air conditioner to save money on your electric bill, we have the right security system for you.

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